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Lynn Savarese

Collection of work done with Lynn Savarese. Showcasing below highlight projects.
All photographs are a property of Lynn Savarese.


Page layout, Photo retouching


Lynn Savarese


2020 - 2023


Savarese's photography has remarkable colours and details. Working with her is a delight and a rewarding experience to assemble her books that best showcase her extensive work.

Executing photo retouching for a photographer is a delicate challenge as it can't impact the essence of the photograph and should only be done sparingly. 


Lynn Savarese

Savarese has also received prestigious national and international recognition for her photography, including being named a Finalist in the Magnum Photography Awards international competition and in both the 17th and 11th Editions of the Julia Cameron Award for Women Photographers, and receiving the Director’s Award in PhotoPlace Gallery’s “Water” exhibition juried by Elizabeth Avedon and the Visitor’s Award and Honorable Mention in the A. Smith Gallery’s “Water” exhibition.


Discover her photographs online.

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