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IMG Agency+Recordings

Collection of work done with IMG Agency + Records, from Branding, Single Art Covers to Social Media content. Showcasing below visual identity and branding renewal for IMG Agency + Records.


Visual Identity


Motion Graphics
Social Media Content


Tangina Stone

Liana Bank$
Amy León


2018 - 2019

100% Woman-owned Creative Marketing Agency founded by Anastasia Wright. The agency accompanies musicians in their deployment around the world.

Get in touch with the IMG Agency + Records online for your creative marketing needs within the music industry.


IMG Agency + Records

The brand renewal for IMG Agency+Record is heavily noticeable in the logo concept which combines the symbols of music and dynamite.


The waveform punctuating the letter “i” represents the music note glissando (to glide from one pitch to another higher pitch continuously). These shapes can also be interpreted as a burning dynamite with its trail of smoke.


Combining these symbols illustrates the company’s mission. That is, to provide musicians with the support and opportunities, to get noticed, and propel their

careers to higher, brighter levels of success.

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