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DROPIN is a none profit organization dedicated to provide advice, assistance and ressources to individuals seeking education.

This project focused on solving a complex problem that speaks to us on a personal level where if we could do something about it what would be our design solution particularly, a Human Centered Design

The issue that I chose to create a solution for was Education with a special attention to those that the Education System has, in one word, failed.
I am so grateful for the empowerment that Education has provided to my life that I believe that all individuals should benefit of some form of Education that can help them on their journey. 

Through research and interviews, I collected the needed information to understand the lives and underlying circumstances of individuals commonly labelled as Drop Outs. Whether for financial, personal or psychological reasons, the traditional way of formal education has not provided the support that they needed to complete theirs. 

Statistically, individuals who have completed a form of education have better work opportunities and access to higher earnings. Which isn't unattainable to individuals that the Education System could not provide. The commonality in the complexe problem of Drop Outs is a lack of support and understanding.


My Human Centered Design solution is to provide a space for learning and counselling that will help any and all individuals seeking to find Education be it through traditional means or unconventional ones. This solution is to provide the connections and information needed to help someone find a path best suited to their aspirations, capabilities and future needs.

This solution is to DROPIN.

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